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Patron Comments


Your friendship and financial support makes these programs possible!


"Thank you for making this class so great for our kids!"


"Thank you – The library and its staff are a true treasure and we feel so fortunate to be able to participate! Can’t wait to join STREAM Team again, once my youngest is old enough. Thanks for all you do to help our community thrive!!"

Adopt a Reading Buddy

“My daughter is having surgery on Monday and will be off her feet for quite some time. What perfect timing for her to come and pick out a snuggle buddy that she can read to as she heals.” 

Find Your Ancestors: Bounty Land & Military Pensions

“This was one of the most informative classes that we’ve had.” Another shared, “What a fantastic, comprehensive presentation, chock-full of useful information. Thank you Appleton Public Library for putting this together.”

Find Your Ancestors: Czech Archives

One attendee said, “The information was precisely tailored to beginning researchers and the presentation was well organized and clear and useful for them in their research. I’m an experience researcher and I learned a few things but I was really impressed by the quality of the slides and the handout and about the presentation itself.”

Find Your Ancestors: DNA Workshop

One attendee said this was “The best presentation on this topic I’ve heard. Lightbulbs finally went off! Thank you so much.”

Brain Storm Bags

The show and tell portion really helped children dive deeper into understanding why the projects worked, and gave them an opportunity to explain how something failed and then how they finally made it work!

Craft To-Go Bags

At least 1235 Craft Bags have been created. Earlier this year they were distributed at various locations within the community. Now, they are available for families to grab as they visit the library.  

Hmong Programming

A mom said, "I wanted to let you know how much my daughter enjoyed the metal twisting jewelry class and my son enjoyed the Media Animation class. We appreciate you putting the classes together!"


"This is hands down our favorite program. Ms. Teresa is AMAZING and the program is top notch! We are so lucky to have this program in our community!!!"


"We loved the creative ideas to introduce STEM concepts. It’s a great way for them to get curious and ask questions."

Adopt a Reading Buddy

Child to parent, “Can we pick out a book to read to my buddy right now?” 

Ukulele Jams

  • I played for 1 1/2 hours after I got home.  I couldn't stop!

  • I practiced the chords and then I just kept strumming different rhythms.

  • What fun and so relaxing. Ashley was fantastic! 

  • What a breath of fresh air! 

Find Your Ancestors: Identifying and Interpreting Historic Photos

One attendee said the program was, “Very informative. I didn’t really think to look at old photographs with such a detective eye.”

Plein Air Workshop

Attendees comments were happy that the library "provides programs like this!"

Teen Take N' Create

We distributed 19 starter packs filled with socks, flannel, fabric glue, ribbon and more for teens to create their very own snowman to keep or give away as a gift for someone special. Teen's loved using materials found around their house.

Roaming Ruckus

A child was trying to cut yarn on a windy day. When asked about it, he said "I was trying to measure the wind and how fast it was."

All Hands On Tech

Two in-persons sessions ran this year. One parent brought her kids to the first session and the second session. At the second session she shared "we had so much fun at the first program we planned out whole day around the second one!"


"Your class is amazing! The structure, the activities, read aloud, songs, weather, and finding the hidden object. You create a calm, engaging, fun class environment."


"Getting out of the house and trying some new activities. My son also drastically needs to work on his social skills, so I’m glad this provides an opportunity for him to be with other kids!"

Adopt a Reading Buddy

“My daughter didn't want to go to school on Friday, she just wanted it to be Saturday to go to the library.” 

Find Your Ancestors: Probates & Wills

“Excellent speaker who is also a great storyteller engaging her audience and keeping them interested and learning for the entire program.”

Find Your Ancestors: Researching Native American Ancestors

One attendee said the presentation was “very thorough and filled with excellent sources and research tips.” Another shared that, “The presenter’s enthusiasm for the subject is awesome.”

Bear Bingo

One 9 yr-old boy told us that he just hasn’t been very interested in reading much this year until he signed up for BEAR Bingo. He loved that the squares gave him ideas of what to read.  

Candy Land

"This is so fun! We have come every week to play Candy Land- the kids absolutely love it."

Mosaic Treasure Tiles
& Squashy Squishies

These in-person events were developed to correspond with Children's Week. They were very popular! 263 patrons were served between the two events.

Maker Quest

One mom said that she can’t believe how much her daughter has grown in confidence through virtual programming!    She also said that her kids have so much fun building the monthly projects with their dad. It’s made for some great family time.



We received a wonderful compliment from the parent of one of the participants thanking us for providing such programming to tween and teens-- her son really enjoyed the program!

Find Your Ancestors

One patron said, "That was awesome! Within a half hour of the webinar I found my very long lost great paternal grandfather! This was my holy grail of ancestors. Thank you!"

Summer Library Program

495 adults and 1,251 children participated in this years Summer Library Program!

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