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Volunteer Profile:  Joanne K.

Her Story

When APL staff work with Joanne K. it brightens their day! Staff have said: “I appreciate Joanne’s dedication to her volunteer work and she’s always a joy to talk to whenever I see her.” “Joanne is very kind and generous with her time, always looking for ways she can help.”


Joanne’s personal mission is to reach out to people and provide them with hope and inspiration. She frequently chats with people she sees regularly on the bus. At the library a recent highlight was getting to know an elderly woman who frequently stopped by the welcome desk when Joanne was greeting.  At the library on Oneida Street she struck up conversations with fellow patrons who worked on the puzzles with her.  She enjoys forming friendships with other volunteers and library staff.


Currently a holds shelver, Joanne has also assisted in a variety of departments at the library since 2015: preparing patron craft bags for the Children’s department, greeting, buffing DVDs and CDS, and maintaining the pencils and cut paper at the search catalog computer desks. 


Joanne enjoys many creative pastimes.  She creates “hope” cards for Behavioral Health units of hospitals in New York City using photos of scenes or images which inspire her, stickers, quotes and Diamond Dots.   She enjoys visiting the Trout Art Museum, photography, diamond painting, paint-by-number, walking, watching PBS shows and pen palling.


Joanne also volunteers as a St. Elizabeth Patient Registration assistant, delivers NAMI brochures to the hospital, and lectors and serves on the Social Concern committee member at St. Joseph’s parish.


The Appleton Public Library is grateful for Joanne’s dedicated volunteer service and the care and support she extends to patrons, volunteers and library staff.

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